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The Future:  Consumers Demand Labels

  • We will be able to create a “label” for crop
  • EnviroCorn™, EnviroBeans™, and EnviroGrain™ are trademarked and patents have been applied for
  • Research shows that consumers what to reduce environmental impact of commercial agriculture.  This label allows consumers identify safe practices easily.  Example: EnviroCorn™ label ensures that a minimum of XX% of the corn in these “Cornflakes” grown using an environmentally-friendly practice required by VisAg
  • A QR code (or similar) on the side of a cereal box will show consumer what that means and potentially track entire growing process.

We believe this model can expand into:

  • Non-GMO crops
  • Seed Production
  • Livestock feed needs
  • Export markets
  • Ethanol
  • Premiums for EnviroCorn™, EnviroBean™, EnviroGrain™