VisAg Solutions
Sustainable Farm Management

Sustainable Farming Made Easier. Profitable.

Trademarked System for Traceable Outcomes.

Are you looking to rent land from a landowner who values your management practices? Ready to tweak your own operation to become more environmental? The VisAg system helps producers grow grain in a sustainable way while improving the productivity of the soil.  This system has both a positive impact on the environment, while improving profitability for the producer.

Grower Benefits

  • Protect our land and the environment for future generations.
  • Make your customers (consumers, land owners) happy
  • You will be on the cutting edge of sustainability in Ag, using the newest technologies, and current farmers will learn from you and adopt your practices
  • Increase yield and profitability with better record keeping
  • Direct payments from companies and or consumers that will reward you for adopting these practices

How VisAg Solutions™ will achieve those goals for the grower:

  • We match you with more active, sustainability-minded land owners in custom farming agreement meeting both farmer/owner needs
  • Or we enroll you into specialty crop contracts when available to earn premium in rental agreement
  • Actively pursue other processors or end-users paying premiums for specialty grain
  • Assist in facilitation of best practice programs
  • Provide you with newest and best technology and information
  • Record keeping fuctions including AgriEdge Exelisor & others

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