VisAg Solutions
Sustainable Farm Management

We have developed a better farming system…

That WILL manage soil erosion, that WILL manage nutrient placement and efficiency, that WILL track how, where, who grew crop and WILL give growers and end users the carbon footprint of their crop

VisAg Advantage provides an efficient and consistent method for the person responsible for farming your land.  By keeping consistent expectations, we position all VisAg acres to be marketed for specialty crops, food labels and the general land stewardship and best practices creating a sustainable operation for our landowners.  Carbon sequestration is of vital importance.

Our operators are the best in the business.  They care about the land and they use the best equipment and practices for long-term sustainability of the land and your business.  All VisAg operators go through a strict selection process to make sure they use the 4 VisAg Advantage practices. Soil health and maintaining the quality of your land is top of mind for us. 

Therefore, we do a minimum of 3 crop visits per year to ensure practices are being done to maintain soil health, nutrient management, and environmental practices.

Leases & Custom Farming

Options Defined

We work with you to decide the most customized contract to meet your needs.  While many of our contracts are unique, below is a brief explanation of the most common operating methods.

Cash Rent

Cash rent is the most common type of lease, often because they are easiest to execute.  Fixed-rate leases provide a dollar/acre providing predictable income for the owner.  Flexible rent leases adjust based on prices and yields each year.  In both the previous examples, the only expenses paid by the owner are real estate taxes, farm liability and property insurance, land and building improvements, and repairs.  Finding a tenant who is financially capable and uses good land stewardship practices are major considerations when cash renting a farm. The VisAg Advantages required of all operators help to ensure the land is taken care of for the future.

Custom Farming

Custom farming usually provides the highest and best return on investment and maximizes control of the land.  The landowner pays all crop input and custom-hired machinery costs and receives 100% of the crop.  This alternative requires intensive on-site management and thorough knowledge of farming practices which a professional farm manager provides.

Custom Share
The owner receives a percentage (usually 75-85%) of the crop depending on the yield potential of the farm and pays 100% of the crop expenses except machine hire.  The grower/farm operator receives a percentage (usually 15% to 25%) of the crop for their contribution of equipment and labor.  This may be considered passive income for the owner as it is a crop-share lease.

Owner Reporting

So You Know What's Happening on Your Farm

Crop Reports

Crop reports are provided a minimum of 3 times during the growing season updating you on crop conditions & ensuring the VisAg Advantage methods are being utilized correctly.  Our goal is to keep you informed of your farm investments while positioning your crops for higher returns.

Financial Reports

Financial reports are provided to keep you aware of the cash flow and profitability of your business.

Detailed accounting of all farm income and expenses

Rental income, grain sales, government payments, crop input expenses, farm improvements, insurance (premiums and/or indemnities), real estate taxes, etc.

Negotiation of crop input purchases

Maximum volume discounts available from most input suppliers.

Complete record keeping and inventory management

Soil maps, fertility tests, nutrient (macro & micro) monitoring, yield maps, drainage tile records, crop rotations, grain inventories, profitability reports, etc.

Unique Farm Management Fee

Customized to Fit Your Needs

At VisAg, we recognized that each farm is unique and we customize our fee structure based on your needs.  We can handle just 1 or all of the below options:

Accounting Services

Your lease is in place, but you’re looking for someone to managing the accounting and reporting.  We will provide all you need to keep the farm operation running smoothly. Contact us for more info

Lease Negotiation Services

Looking for a new tenant?  Want to change the lease terms with the existing tenant?  We can help. Contact us for more info

Farm Management Services

ALL customers much participate in VisAg Advantage but, we can additionally handle all inputs, mapping, soil testing and drone flyovers.  Our owners were agronomists first, so we excel in handling these details.

    1. Custom & Custom-Share Operations
      Fees are based on adjusted net crop income, a fee system offered by few farm management firms.  This arrangement has a basic fee of $3.00 per acre plus a percent of the net crop income.  Net income is derived by subtracting crop production costs including: seed, fertilizers, chemicals, storage, drying, crop insurance, custom farming, and trucking costs. It is our intention that the land owner makes a profit.  No management fee other than the basic fee is due until crop income exceeds crop expenses. Contact us for a rate schedule
    2. Cash Rent Management Fees
      Management fees are based on a percentage of cash rent income.  Contact us for a rate schedule

Risk Management

Farm Programs & Insurance

Administration & Selection of all government programs and crop insurance

Taking a proactive approach to conservation is an effective way to maximize return and preserve the environment while attaining greater lease value. VisAg can ensure farms are operated in compliance with government farm programs.  We will do a customized selection of crop insurance and will handle all required administration and paperwork duties for both.

Grain Marketing

We realize every client is different in terms of risk preference, understanding of futures market, personality and quantity of crop produced. We feel it is important to assess the availability of on-the-farm storage, cash flow requirements and our projection of future markets. We develop a marketing plan each crop year before planting with the goal of selling at the upper 30% of the market.  Each plan is customized to meet individual needs utilizing local resources and contracting forward to take advantage of the highest prices offered. 

Our managers are comfortable with market alternatives and can customize a marketing plan to fit the goals and objectives of each landowner.