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Find a need and fill it. . . It’s a phrase used for business start ups for years.  But, in today’s agriculture, we didn’t have to look far; it was obvious.  Consumers demand to know more about where their food comes from and labels are vague, primarily on grain labels.  Additionally, MarketWeek, January 17, 2017 shared “33% of consumers buy products because they believe its doing social or environmental good.”

The way we’ve been farming can and should be improved to meet consumer desire to know WHERE and HOW their food is grown AND to know it’s grown in a social and environmentally sound way.  Currently, consumers pick organic food because it’s often the only label that gives them some idea of how the food was grown.  But, many don’t realize the environmental toll organic farming often plays on the land. It may provide different herbicide and pesticide methods, but these often require many more tillage passes with equipment which damages soil and emitting carbon from soil and engines.

So, VisAg implemented the practices they believed would better historical practices on their own farms and some of those they managed for the last 10+ years. They strive to meet make these changes in agricultural practices:

VisAg Goals

Sustainable, Measurable Outcomes

  1. Protect the soil and water
  2. Create a Carbon-negative Crop
  3. Create a market for sustainable crops
  4. Set up win: win contracts for end users with land owners/growers
  5. Increase yields by 70% by 2050

In 2016, we hired an objective research group to do a study on the VisAg advantages practices used on VisAg Advantage acres vs. traditional methods.  It will take another season for a confirmed outcome, but initial findings are definately showing an improvement in soil health and consistent yields with less costs.

Our own research and these studies lead us to share these practices and start VisAg Solutions where land owners and land operators could Farm Better. Sustainably.  With simple changes to their existing operations, more environmentally friendly, sustainable practices position the crop to be tracked for food consumption, grown in a way that carbon credits may be utilized, and improve soil vitality for future generations.

VisAg Solutions will continue to grow in future years and plans to use their sustainability system/food tracking program for EnviroCorn, EnviroBean and EnviroGrain by 2020.

Traction To Date

  • We've Used & Tested Our VisAg Advantage Practices on our own farms and those we manage for the last 10+ years
  • VisAg Solutions™ officially a business in June 2016 and its trademark followed shortly after
  • We  trademarked EnviroCorn™, EnviroBeans™, and EnviroGrain™ and have patents pending
  • Along with Matt and his partner, we recently hired 1 full-time Account Manager and part-time accounting staff
  • We have support from Syngenta for data collection and future programming
  • We are working with Houston Engineering & Syngenta on a water quality project on 10,000 acres in NW Iowa
  • We are in negotiation with 3 major end users:  shrimp,  pork processors, & Ethanol plants who use Enogen corn

Our Team

Matt Mayer
Matt Mayer
Farm Manager, CCA

Matt grew up on a family farm just northeast of Melvin, IA. Matt understands inputs, soils, analytics, and the technologic impacts of the farming industry. He brings over 15 years of experience in the farm management business, and 20+ years of seed, grain marketing and agronomy experience. Matt’s hands-on approach will assist clients in making sound management and investment decisions.

Peter Crew
Peter Crew
Farm Manager, CCA
Pete Crew is an accomplished leader in soil and water conservation here in northwest Iowa, where he is regarded as the cover crop guru. Graduating from Iowa State University in 1993, with a major in agronomy and a minor in entomology, Pete entered the workforce as an agronomist with Crestland Co-op, which was at that time among the largest co-ops in Iowa. After a couple of years, he was offered a job by Craig Struve of CS Agrow at Calumet in northwest Iowa. in 2002 he established Spencer Agronomy Services (SAS)in Ruthven, Iowa.  In 2018, he sold SAS and is committed to sustainability and regenerative agrictulture available with VisAg.

More about Pete in recent article: